Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Valaset Services can provide assistance to a variety of client types:

We work with clients of all sizes. From local small businesses in the Metro Detroit market who have only 10 items to sell, to large businesses who have 1000 items for sale and may be located anywhere in the continental United States. 

Leasing and Renting Companies:

Leasing companies occasionally have the unique challenge of how to dispose or sell assets that have come off-lease. We work with these clients as well as renting companies that get returns they wish to sell and/or recycle.

K-12 & Higher Education:

Our education clients in many cases have equipment that still has value left. Typically these organizations turn over their I.T. on a regular 4-6 year cycle. We purchase equipment from these types of clients on a regular basis. Typical purchases include desktop PC’s, Laptops, LCD Monitors, Networking Equipment and Printers.

Network Integrators / Value Added Resellers (VAR):

Valaset Services has had a great deal of success in partnering with Network Integrators and VAR’s. These organizations are selling and deploying new equipment for their clients and are looking for a way to dispose and/or sell off the old equipment that is coming out of service. We can provide a referral fee to these organizations and help them offer a complete package to their clients. Please contact us for details.

Telecommunications Systems Integrators (VAR’s):

Similar to the Network Integrator / VAR, we assist Telecommunications Systems Integrators with the sale or disposal of the old phone system that is coming out of service. Unlike computer equipment, old phone systems can still have value even if they are 10+ years old. While Telecommunications Systems Integrators typically specialize in a few brands, Valaset Services can purchase any brand system that still retains some value. Brands include: Cisco Systems, Avaya, Polycom, Panasonic, Toshiba, Samsung, Mitel, ShoreTel, NEC and many others.


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